Project Overview
Illustrator | Visual Communication
The objective was to create a brand logo based on an animal. Easy Tiger is a fictional speakeasy located in Lancaster city. It got its name because the owner thought it'd be funny and clever to tell drunk customers, "easy tiger on the drinks."
Final Product
Business Cards
Drink Coasters
Gender Neutral T-Shirt
Logo Process
Starting at the left, I have a B&W design of the logo symbol. I then added an outer shape to the design to make the tiger pop out more and not look as flat. The third design is what it looks like when I add a typeface to it. The last design is the logo in full color. The font I used is EB Garamond.
Mood Boards
The first part of the project was to decide on what animal to base the company on. I created several mood boards of animals I love which include corgis, tigers, and turtles. During this process, I was grabbing inspiration on what kind of typography I might want to incorporate in the logo.

Initial Sketches
I drew logo designs that incorporated gestalt principles, semi-abstract, and full designs of a tiger's body. For all the designs I tried displaying characteristics of a tiger (i.e. stripes, eyes, claw marks).
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