Project Overview
Illustrator | Adobe Dimension | Packaging in Design
I created a new packaging series for Alpha Aromatics, an international fragrance manufacturing company. For their new series I based it off of the popular Netflix show Squid Games. The packaging needed to fit three different packaging shapes. For instance, one of the items could be a tall cylinder shape, while another may be rectangular, and the last be a smaller cylinder shape. One of the goals for this project was to have the packaging and product be sustainable.
Final Product
The products I chose to create the packaging labels for are fragrant related: a reed diffuser, perfume, and a candle. The product's materials are made of glass because glass is 100% recyclable, and made entirely from natural resources: sand, soda ash, and limestone. 
I reviewed both pros and cons of using glass products, and I believed glass to be the better option as a sustainable item compared to plastic or porcelain. Glass can be reused in a myriad of ways without losing its quality, and can be recycled into a different color. Less than 40 percent of glass gets recycled within the U.S. Most of it gets crushed and used as landfill cover instead.  
I also want to mention for the reed diffuser, I was thinking of using bamboo sticks. Bamboo is both compostable and biodegradable. Once the fragrant liquid is completely gone, people can throw the sticks into a compost bin or possibly use it for starting a fire. Apparently, bamboo can help enrich other plant life.
In-Progress Designs​​​​​​​
I created the repeating patterns using Illustrator. The patterns incorporate the three main shapes from Squid Games—a triangle, square, and circle.

At the beginning of the design process, I only applied the repeating patterns to the glass objects like vinyl decals and just stick onto the surface. My thought process would be consumers would just know the product was from Alpha Aromatics because of the unique design. However, after peer critiques, it was suggested I design some kind of packaging label/box for the products. 
Packaging Labels
I color coded the labels to match with the fragrance name of the product. For instance, the candle has a fuzzy navel scent so, its packaging color incorporated orange—color association. I decided to have the background color of the package label black because it really makes the text stand out.

On the inside of each label I added a recyclable and animal-free icon. Many consumers nowadays look for products that aren't animal-tested. I also included information about how Alpha Aromatic cares for the environment. I thought this was a great way to get people to purchase Alpha Aromatic products more since they care about their carbon footprint. If consumers want to learn more and support the company, they can follow them on social media. 
Die Line Template
The packaging label will be a non corrugated fiberboard label (a.k.a. paperboard) that wraps around the product. There will be information on the outside and on the other side of the label. Imagine the label like a coffee sleeve cup, but instead of sliding it on the label can be attached/detached to and from the product. The reason I think this would be good to use is because the cardboard would help add more protection to the glass product when transporting.

Alpha Aromatics Case Study
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