Project Overview
Illustrator | Social Equity in Design
The goal of this project was to choose a social global issue and create an advertisement (print or digital) that conveys enough information to make people more aware of the problem. My subject is about our oceans and the rise of overfishing. Overfishing occurs when more fish are taken out of the sea than the species can repopulate naturally. This is a huge problem because the less fish there are in the sea, the food chain becomes imbalanced and leads to the loss of other marine life. 
Final Product
I created two ads that have different scenario purposes. The one to the left is supposed to make people feel very overwhelmed with the amount of fishing hooks being thrown into the ocean. The repeating pattern of hooks gives viewers enough information to understand that overfishing is a bad thing. The second ad is meant to be in an office or school setting. It's more kid friendly, and displays important information people should know right away about overfishing. For both posters in the bottom-left corner, there is a QR code people can scan to find the source of information I used.
Mood Board
To view my entire board, click the link: 

For inspiration, I looked at other posters involving any kind of ocean problem. Some posters gave information about shark fins, too much plastic in the ocean, and others talked about overfishing. A regular theme I noticed was that a majority of the posters incorporated a blue or green color scheme.

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