Project Overview
Illustrator | Social Equity in Design
The objective for this project was to focus on a social justice issue. I'm fortunate to not have experienced any sexual harassment at my work place that I'm aware of, but others may not be as fortunate. I want women to know that they are not alone and can get help from external sources such as RAINN, a national sexual assault hotline. 
Final Product
I knew I wanted to incorporate a quick slogan that anyone can easily remember. In this case it's "Hear it, See it, Report it". It's simple and right to the point on what a victim or bystander should do when it comes to sexual harassment in any setting. The intention behind the graphics of the women being nude is to represent both pride and vulnerability. I believe women should be proud of their different body shapes and curves. On the other hand, victims of assault can feel like there's no one to help them and believe they're stuck in this cycle of physical, mental, and verbal harassment. There's not much body copy except a phone number, a URL link, and a QR code. The QR code is for people to scan and right away get sent to the online chat.
Additional Items
I used the three icons from the poster—ear, eye, and mouth—to be used as stickers to get my message out even further. They could also be enamel pins too.
Mood Board
To view my entire board, click the link: 

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